Professional Carpet Cleaning

Girl and dog on clean carpet in living room

Your Carpet will Ugly out before it Wears out

I have dedicated my business to educating consumers with valuable information about carpet cleaning. I am making it my mission to help more and more families like mine in achieving the most beautiful and healthy home with professional carpet cleaning! 

Face Allergy Symptoms with a Smile!

 Remember, your carpet is like a big “filter” that traps pollutants and allergens.  But that “filter” gets full and that’s when carpet is bad because it redistributes allergens back into the air with every step you take. 

Why Steam Clean?

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is sometimes referred to as "steam cleaning". Actually, this is a misapplied term -- for real steam is too dry and hot to clean carpet properly. With this method, hot cleaning solution is prayed on the carpet and then immediately extracted with a vacuum source. The dirty solution is collected in a recovery tank and is usually poured into the sanitary waste system.  The advantage of this system is that it has the ability to flush out large amounts of soil and contaminants from the carpet.

It is the most preferred method by all of the major fiber producers, such as Dupont, Monsanto, and Allied Signal, as well as carpet manufacturers like Shaw, Mohawk, World, and Queen. Why? Because, again, this method removes more contaminants than the other carpet cleaning methods like shampooing and dry foam. Most higher quality carpets that have extended warranties for appearance and texture retention actually require this type of cleaning every 18 months in order to retain the warranty coverage. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) also favor hot water extraction. This method does have the disadvantage of having longer drying times and the possibility of wick up spots if they are not thoroughly extracted. 

Coffe or tea stain on clean carpet
Coffe or tea stain on clean carpet

Pet Stains & Odors

Family cat on clean new carpet


Hair shedding and animal dander are allergens that contribute to asthmatic symptoms for many people.  Pet hair can be embedded in carpet, rugs, and furniture. Professional carpet cleaning is better than any stain remover you can buy at the store. 


 Pets secrete oil from their fur and hair that leave a residue on your floors and upholstery which can lead to the accumulation of smelly, hard to clean soil deposits. 

Smelly Odors

 Have you ever gone into someone’s home that smells like ‘dog’ or ‘cat.’  Many pet owners do not realize their home has an odor problem because over time they have acclimated to the malodors.  Guests can tell immediately if you have a pet unless you are very diligent with cleaning.  But that’s where we can help. 

Dirt & Stains

Perhaps your pet decided to ‘readjust’ your landscape or yard and dug a hole or two and tracked in the debris, or they just rolled in-what, truthfully, you are not quite sure.  Or maybe they could not find their bone, so they decided to chew on your ink pen!  

Urine Stains & Odors

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. Urine contamination often requires many steps than just ordinary, topside cleaning. Installed carpeting and upholstery have many surfaces that can be affected. Not only is the top of the carpet or upholstery contaminated, but often times the backing, padding, and sub-surfaces, must be decontaminated or replaced before urine decontamination is successful. Another concern with urine is that the acid in urine may permanently change the dye structure of the carpeting or upholstery. We can treat these with neutralizers, but please be aware that occasionally the dye structure will be permanently stained from urine. If the urine contained medicine, occasionally this will produce a stronger acid that could damage the dye structure as well. 

Important Aspects of Urine Contamination:

Urine Contamination May Be Much More Severe Than You Realize.

Urine usually enters the carpet or upholstery from the topside. As the urine is emitted, it tends to spread downward and outward to a larger size in the padding and subsurface. Many times a small urine spot that is detected from the topside is double or triple in size by the time it reaches the padding and subsurface. If total decontamination is expected each layer of contamination needs to be treated, a area larger than the visible spot on the surface will usually have to be decontaminated or replaced. 

 Urine decontamination often requires more than just a top cleaning of the carpet.  There are many surfaces and layers that can be affected.  Please note that when cleaning urine spots, there is a difference between cleaning the urine stain and treating for urine odor. Cleaning existing urine spots MAY NOT remove the associated odor. In fact, it could INCREASE the odor in the air space for a temporary period of time. 


  1. Our Nose- As explained above urine contamination will smell. Our nose will often lead us to the source of the problem.
  2. Our Eyes- Usually urine stains are visible to the eye. However you will learn that the damage may be more sever than meets the eye.
  3. A Black Light- A black light becomes a valuable tool in locating the exact areas in need of treatment because it makes use of special ultra-violet rays which are on the same wavelength as pet urine, thus turning a tedious task into a breeze. The crystalline structure of dried urine causes it to fluoresce a dull yellow color under ultraviolet or "black" light. Urine is not the only substance that will fluoresce. Some soaps and detergents have components that fluoresce, even after rinsing thoroughly, as well as some fabrics and lint. These will usually fluoresce a bright white or even bluish hue, not the dull yellow of urine. However even after the areas have been decontaminated the affected areas may continue to fluoresce.
  4. A Moisture Detector- When bacteria attacks uric acid, the bacterium leave behind a crystalline waste which is 'hygroscopic; meaning that it constantly draws moisture from the environment. Although the contamination may appear to dry to the touch, the moisture detector will 'ping' when it comes into contact with urine because of the minute traces of water molecules found in the bacteria waste crystals. 

Carpet Cleaning Options

Custom Cleaning

New home with new carpet and fireplace

Just want the thorough, but basic cleaning?  Rate is $0.45/sq ft (subject to condition of your carpet)

Pet Package

Family puppy on white carpet

Do you have pets inside the house? We can treat those stains and freshen up your carpet with our special deodorizers.

 $0.65/sq ft

Deluxe Package

Water beads on water proof carpet

Want to go the extra mile to preserve your carpet? If your carpet sees a lot of traffic from kids, pets or both, this might be for you. After cleaning, we apply Soil Blocker to repel spills, allowing you to blot them up before they do more damage to your beautiful carpet! 

$0.65/sq ft

$150 min. for Roswell & Dexter; $200 min. for Hagerman, Artesia, & Carlsbad