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Area Rug Cleaning
Although area rugs hold the same health and cleanliness challenges as your wall-to-wall carpets, they require a different cleaning process. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies will utilize the same high heat, high-pressured, chemical cleaning solution on rugs that they use for carpets. This kind of cleaning can damage your rugs, leaving them worse off than before the cleaning. At Pro Steamer Cleaning and Restoration, we take the special care and consideration needed to clean your rugs, all right in Roswell, New Mexico. You don’t have to drive far out of town for your area rugs to get the cleaning they need. Just call us at (575) 623-0993 to have our trained and certified technicians care for your family’s rugs.
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Why Area Rugs Need Special Treatment

Many area rugs, such as fine oriental rugs, are very costly and are made from fragile natural fibers, dyes, and foundation materials that cannot be cleaned the same way we usually clean synthetic carpets (such as nylon, olefin, and polyester). Rugs need to be cleaned with complex cleaning solutions and washed by hand to avoid damaging their materials. It’s a process that’s more costly than cleaning carpets, but it saves you money in the long run by keeping your area rugs in prime condition.

Area rug fibers are also more densely packed together than carpets. Dirt can work its way between the fibers, but a vacuum can’t always get it out. The longer the dirt sits, the more damage it can cause. Area rugs are also usually placed in high foot-traffic areas. Each time you step on a spot with dirt, the fibers move and cause a cutting abrasive action that wears them down. Dust, dirt, and other pollutants can lead to fiber loss and embedded stains.

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Area Rug Cleaning
Revitalize your living spaces with our professional area rug cleaning services. At Pro Steamer, we understand that area rugs play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Over time, these rugs can accumulate dirt, allergens, and stains, diminishing their beauty. Our dedicated team employs advanced cleaning techniques to restore the vibrancy of your rugs while ensuring the preservation of their delicate fibers. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, aiming to breathe new life into your beloved area rugs. Trust us to deliver meticulous and effective cleaning, leaving your rugs refreshed and your living spaces revitalized.
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When to Clean Area Rugs

How often you should clean an area rug depends mostly on where it’s located. Dirt won’t cause as much damage on a rug that isn’t walked on often, but that doesn’t mean the rug won’t need to be cleaned. A low-traffic rug should still be cleaned two to three times a year to ensure it’s fresh and healthy. Higher-traffic rugs will likely need several cleanings throughout the year to stay clean. The most important thing to remember is that a rug will still need occasional cleaning even if it doesn’t look dirty. The non-visible particles in your rug’s fibers affect its condition the most.

What Can Dirty Your Rug

Just like dirt, particles of any number of allergens and pollutants can weave their way between your rug’s fibers. Some of the most common problems your rug can encounter are:

  • Soils like food particles and pet oils can easily ‘hide’ in your rug’s dense pile.
  • Dust mites that are too small to be seen but are the most common cause of year-round allergies and asthma.
  • Water that can soak into and beneath your rug, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow.
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The Cleaning Process

At Pro Steamer Cleaning and Restoration, our technicians are fully trained and certified to clean your area rugs with the utmost care. After we’ve gotten our hands on them, they’ll look as healthy and as clean as you’ve ever seen them.

The first step of the cleaning is to remove all the fine grit and dirt that’s trapped in your rug’s foundation. Certain rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before it actually starts to ‘look’ dirty. By removing the dirt ahead of time, we ensure we’re starting with a fresh slate as we continue the cleaning.

Heat and high water pressure can damage your rug. Instead of spraying a rug with hot water or steam, we submerge it in a cold-water bath mixed with a mild shampoo formulated to hold up your rug’s colorfastness. Using soft brushes to minimize agitation, stains are gently rubbed away and the rug is left to soak to help remove any stubborn spots. Once all soils have been gently worked out, the rug is rinsed and ready to move on.

When you hang a textile like a rug up to dry, it can lead to straining on the foundation, which can cause your rug to sustain damages. We lay all our rugs out flat to dry, using air movers to help the process. We never use high-heat drying to help avoid any shrinkage. A rug will typically shrink after its first wash (usually less than an inch), just as most cotton and wool materials do even in cold water.

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    Fringe Work and Finishings

    Once your carpet is cleaned and dried, our technicians will give your fringe tassels an additional cleaning and drying to ensure they are fresh and healthy. Your rug will then be given a final grooming with a soft brush to ensure its freshness, then will be rolled up and delivered back home. You’ll be surprised just how clean, fresh, and durable your rugs are after a cleaning by our technicians.

    Area rugs can be a statement piece, a pop of color in an otherwise dull room, and a family heirloom that needs to be maintained for prosperity. No matter their use or history, each rug should be cleaned regularly and treated carefully. That’s the goal of Pro Steamer Cleaning and Restoration.

    When you hire us, you hire a team of technicians trained to handle your rugs delicately while still giving them a thorough cleaning. And you don’t have to go far from your Roswell, New Mexico home to do so. Our phone lines are open 24/7 at (575) 623-0993 and we never leave a voicemail unanswered. Don’t let your area rugs succumb to dirt and dust. Let our family-owned company take care of your family’s rugs, leaving your home cleaner and fresher than ever before.