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Air Duct Cleaning

What I'm About to Tell You About Your Air Ducts 
Will Make You Sick!

Do you have an "indoor air pollution problem"? We live in a world where healthy living has become a way of life. We diet and exercise to make ourselves feel better and improve the quality of our lives.

DON'T OVERLOOK your indoor environment!

If you answer "YES" to 2 or more of the following you may suffer from "Indoor Air Pollution": 

  • Do you have an air circulating system that utilizes a standard fiberglass filter?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Are there smokers in the house?
  • Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems?
  • Do you experience headaches or burning sensations in the nose, throat or eyes when inside the home?
  • Do you have "dust trails" or discoloring coming out of your air duct registers?

Dirt, dust, mold, pollen and animal dander are re-circulated through our air ducts every time we turn our heat or air conditioner on. Combine this with moisture and you have the ideal breeding ground for fungi, germs, and household mold. Studies have confirmed that some diseases, including salmonella, strep and legionnaires disease spread by contaminated air ducts. Considering that we spend so much time indoors (between 15 and 21 hours each day), it makes perfect sense to clean the sources of our indoor air quality problems…Our Air Ducts.


Here’s What Air Duct Cleaning Is All About:


A company with the right equipment and training will remove the molds, bacteria, fungus, original construction debris, and dust from your air ducts and furnace, to be sure the air you breathe is the cleanest possible.

 BONUS: by removing the dust and debris, your heating system will operate at peak efficiency!

Step 1: A trained technician will inspect the HVAC system to determine performance and degree of contamination. (Before, we get started we will protect your floors and furnishings from any escaped debris)

Step 2: The technician connects a powerful vacuum to the main trunk line, then seals off the outlets in each room to create a vacuum within the air duct system. Then uncovering one register at a time, he cleans just the air duct.

Step 3: Next, he inserts specially designed air tools into the air duct to loosen dirt and lift debris into the vacuum stream for removal of the contaminants that are clinging to the walls of the air duct. The air duct is cleaned from the register, through the entire duct--all the way back to the furnace. Contaminants are removed.

Step 4: An access door is installed in the plenum to access the return side of the air duct system. Now the technician can clean the cold air and return and plenum. This is where we find the majority of contamination. (NOTE: This step requires very powerful vacuum system that most air duct company’s DO NOT HAVE)

Step 5: Attention to the furnace--Vacuum out the inside of the furnace chambers, remove dust and debris from blower and blades and inspect. 



We charge $599 plus tax to clean up to 10 registers and $35 for each additional register. There are no hidden costs or charges with our services. In addition, we don’t sell filters. We allow you to purchase the one of your choice and we can install it at the time of cleaning. 

Call us M-Th 8:30am-4:30pm and F 8:30-noon to schedule an appointment or if you have further questions!


Please allow 3-4 hours for us to clean your air duct system. Time will vary depending on the number of registers and degree of contamination.

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